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BM Power System S824L (with NVIDIA technology)

The IBM Power System S824L server is the first Power Systems server designed to accommodate high-wattage adapters such as NVIDIA GPUs. This server delivers a new class of technology that maximizes performance and efficiency for all types of technical compute and high performance analytics workloads as well as Java and big data applications.

IBM’s Elastic Storage Servers

It’s no secret at this point that disruptive trends in technology are rapidly remaking how organizations do business. Technology is advancing so rapidly, in fact, that dynamic communities of collaboration are forming just to harness it all. The growing torrent of data from both within and outside your organization, from mobile employees and from customers and prospects, presents an unprecedented opportunity to gain valuable insights and apply these insights at the best point of impact to improve your business results.

Making the transition to advanced capabilities requires an integrated infrastructure that supports your key IT initiatives. IBM investments in bringing new optimized solutions in the area of advanced analytics, cloud and mobile access are designed to simplify and accelerate your journey to address today’s market opportunities.

The next generation of IBM® Power Systems™, with IBM POWER8™ technology, is the first family of systems built with innovations that transform the power of big data and analytics, mobile and cloud technology into competitive advantages in ways never before possible. Our new scale-out systems provide powerful, scalable and economical means to put data to work for you.

Power Systems are at the forefront of delivering solutions to gain faster insights from analyzing both structured information and unstructured big data—such as video, images and content from sensors—and data from social networks and mobile devices. To draw insights and make better decisions, businesses need solutions that consist of proprietary and open system software to solve their specific pain points. To drive those solutions, secure and flexible Power Systems servers are designed to keep data moving by running multiple concurrent queries that take advantage of industry-leading memory and I/O bandwidths. All of this leads to highly-supported utilization rates.

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