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How to Create a Detailed Comparison of Firewall

As an IT Manager, Network Admin, Pre-Sales Professional or a Network designer, the hardest part is to go through all the product specifications and datasheets to prepare a detailed comparison Firewalls, switches, routers etc. from various OEMs. During my career as a pre-sales consultant, I always found this as the most time consuming task, also not to forget it is boring too.

At EJMT we had always tried to help IT professionals by sharing useful articles, exam guides, exam simulators, various designing and planning tools and even more IT tools which could be helpful for any IT professional to do his job easily. To further add some value to our service and help fellow IT professionals, we had created (which we believe is the world’s biggest database) a very big database of firewalls, switches, routers & server load balancers from all leading vendors in the industry. Today we are proud to launch our Firewall Comparer, which would help you to compare firewall/UTM from all major market players side by side.

It could be Cisco Vs Juniper Vs Checkpoint Vs Fortinet Vs Sonicwall Vs Watchguard…. Gosh I am not able to recall any more names but the tools would be. We had tried to create these comparisons very detailed and to our surprise that not all vendors are sharing complete details in their specifications and data sheets. So currently you might find “No Info” mentioned in many fields that is because we were not able to find information regarding those fields in vendor’s documentations.

Very soon we would be launching the Switch Comparer followed by Routers and would keep adding various product categories to the list. We had also integrated a product star rating and review system which would help users to easily guess about the products quality. We invite all IT professionals to please use our comparer tools and share your feedback to make further enhancements possible.

EJMT is dedicated towards serving the IT community and would continue to do the same forever. We seek your help to make it better. Please help by giving your feedback and sharing it as much as possible.

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